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6 Survival Tips for Enjoying Festivals Abroad

Are you hoping to enjoy a music festival abroad? If so, it is always wise to plan ahead in order to make the most out of this unique experience. Let’s therefore examine six sure-fire travel hacks and the benefits that each can offer. Book Travel Reservations Well in Advance Always make it a point to book travel tickets at least 12 weeks in advance of when you plan on leaving. This is the best way to encounter more amenable rates and it is normally possible to choose from a number of flexible reservation options. Appreciate Currency Exchange Rates In the… Read More »6 Survival Tips for Enjoying Festivals Abroad

Travel the Nordics – The Indie Projects

If you’ve been around UK van life on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or even watched ‘Escape the Wilderness’ on BBC2 you will probably already know Bee and Theo of The Indie Projects. They began travelling in their van in 2014 exploring Europe and deep into the north of Scandinavia and have been travelling ever since. With a wealth of experience and knowledge under their belts they’ve decided to help others to get started with their exploration of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland by writing their new ebook ‘Travel the Nordics‘ and I’ve had the chance to go through it and find… Read More »Travel the Nordics – The Indie Projects

Find Campervan Parkups

How to find the best campervan park ups

I’m sure you’ve seen a tonne of photos on Instagram of vans parked in wild and wonderful places. However every time you try to take your van out you end up in a Tesco carpark for the night. Well have no fear, with our help we are going to show you how to find the best campervan park ups. How to find the best campervan park ups Use an app As with most problems in life there seems to be an app looking to solve it and finding the best campervan park ups is no different. For our money the… Read More »How to find the best campervan park ups

vanlife apps

Essential Vanlife Apps

When space is at a premium in my van I am always grateful for my phone; it’s my sat nav, my entertainment, and my most essential piece of kit when I’m on the road. Apps have made my vanlife experience that bit easier and so I’m going to share my essential vanlife apps in the hope you can enjoy them, and your vanlife, too. Park4Night – Free Not only is Park4Night our most used app for finding places to camp for free in the UK, it’s the most recommended app from our Facebook group and it’s easy to see why.… Read More »Essential Vanlife Apps

Best Driving Routes

Best campervan driving routes in the UK

The UK may not have the name brand of a drive like the famous Route 66 however you’d be wrong in thinking that there aren’t amazing drives right on your doorstep. Having been up and down the UK in our campervan we have experienced all that the UK has to offer and have pieced together the best campervan driving routes in the UK. So pack up your van, fill your tank and get some inspiration. The Atlantic Highway, Cornwall Stretching 170 miles Cornwall’s Atlantic Highway, or as it’s better known on your maps as the A39, takes in the beautiful… Read More »Best campervan driving routes in the UK