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What type of van is best for you?

    Best Van for You

    How important is being able to stand up in your van?

    Do you want to convert the van yourself?

    How important is looking stealthy to you?

    Is resale value important to you?

    How important is fuel economy to you?

    How mechanically minded are you?

    What type of van look do you prefer?

    How important is a shower in your van to you?

    How important is a toilet in your van to you?

    What is your rough budget?

    What type of van is best for you?
    Mercedes Sprinter

    Mercedes Sprinter

    If you want a van that's a blank canvas then there really isn't any better than a Mercedes Sprinter. They are cavernous inside and can be built out to suit your needs, whether that's to include a shower, toilet, full size bed or seating area. All this flexibility comes at an increased price tag, but don't worry they tend to hold their value pretty well seen as they are the go to vans for self build conversions.
    Fiat Ducato

    If you're looking for a base vehicle for you to convert then look no further than a Fiat Ducato. It's boxy rear means it's far easier to convert than other vans for those of you who's DIY skills may be limited. Although it's large enough to fit in everything you might want, the price tag isn't so large as to make it nonviable as a van for you. Good mileage for it's size and standing room make it a good choice also.
    VW T4

    VW T4

    If you are a fan of VW's but want all the benefits of a modern van then the T4 is the one for you. What you give up in standing room you gain in resale value and flexibility to either convert yourself or buy a factory fitted version if your skills don't stretch as far as to do the build yourself. Solid engines and a van that will hold its value mean that the T4 is a popular choice for UK vanlifers all over.
    VW T2

    If you like classic style and iconic design then the T2 is the van for you. Along with that immediately recognisable frame the T2 comes kitted out with all the basics you'd need. Let's just hope you're not put off by a temperamental engine and poor mileage and a slow 0-60
    Citroen Berlingo

    If you want a small and stealthy campervan that can just about fit all the basics you need on a tight budget then you should consider a Citroen Berlingo. Although it might be small you'll get to travel further per tank and with the hassle free car engine. For a small budget you can't go far wrong!


    Classic style meets classic comfort with a Hymer and it's the perfect van for you. A Hymer truly is a home on wheels and has everything you can imagine inside. With it's large boxy frame you have standing room throughout and what you lose on stealth you gain on comfort. While it's not the cheapest option for you it's one that will be ready to travel in the moment you buy it.

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