Best Van for You

What type of van is best for you?

{“results”:{“2fkjc”:{“id”:”2fkjc”,”title”:”Mercedes Sprinter”,”image”:”https:\/\/ukvanlife.co\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/12\/2019_Mercedes-Benz_Sprinter_314_CDi_2.1-scaled.jpg”,”imageId”:”136″,”desc”:”If you want a van that’s a blank canvas then there really isn’t any better than a Mercedes Sprinter. They are cavernous inside and can be built out to suit your needs, whether that’s to include a shower, toilet, full size bed or seating area. All this flexibility comes at an increased price tag, but don’t worry they tend to hold their value pretty well seen as they are the go to vans for self build conversions. “,”redirect_url”:””},”cqcq7″:{“id”:”cqcq7″,”title”:”Fiat Ducato”,”image”:”https:\/\/ukvanlife.co\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/12\/Fiat-Ducato.jpg”,”imageId”:”138″,”desc”:”If you’re looking for a base vehicle for you to convert then look no further than a Fiat Ducato. It’s boxy… Read More »What type of van is best for you?

What type of UK Vanlifer are you?

{“results”:{“rp4v9”:{“id”:”rp4v9″,”title”:”Weekend Warrior”,”image”:”https:\/\/ukvanlife.co\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/11\/pexels-photo-2101528.jpeg”,”imageId”:”58″,”desc”:”You clearly love vanlife and all the fun that comes with it but you feel the same way about your regular life too! Thankfully you can get the perfect mix of van living and home comforts and don\u2019t have to worry about trying to fit your whole life into a small tin box. Enjoy yourself safe in the knowledge that you don\u2019t have to go hunting for water every week and don\u2019t have to empty your toilet just as often!”,”redirect_url”:””},”1h7wg”:{“id”:”1h7wg”,”title”:”Realist YouTuber “,”image”:”https:\/\/ukvanlife.co\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/11\/pexels-photo-320617.jpeg”,”imageId”:”59″,”desc”:”You love vanlife but want people to realise it\u2019s not all fun and games! Don\u2019t worry about cleaning… Read More »What type of UK Vanlifer are you?