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Showering in a Van
Whether you're thinking about converting a van, hoping to travel in a van or already living in a van you're
condensation in a van
Battling condensation is a daily occurrence for many people living in vans, excessive moisture in the air combined with cold
Best Driving Routes
The UK may not have the name brand of a drive like the famous Route 66 however you’d be wrong
making money on the road
One of the most asked questions on the UK Vanife Facebook Group is all about making money on the road.
Split charge relay
If you're looking to keep your leisure battery topped up in your van you are really looking at two popular
Legal van in uk
Living in your van feels like an appealing prospect. You get to travel in the comfort of your own home,
Student van life
Hey, my name is Ben. I’m a fourth-year student at Bournemouth University. I have been living in my 1998 Ford
Internet on the road
Having access to the internet while travelling in a van is incredibly important. It allows you to find places to
Campervan Heater
If you're planning on living, holidaying or travelling in your campervan in the UK you're going to want to consider
What we wish we knew vanlife
You see a lot of posts about things people wish they knew from living vanlife. Usually they are written by