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Making money on the road: Matched Betting

We briefly wrote about matched betting in our article “Making money on the road” but we thought we’d take deeper look at what it is and how we and our van living friends use to fund their nomadic lifestyle and do matched betting for a living in the UK. By the time you finish reading this article you should have enough information to know whether it’s something you are interesting in trying as well as where to start if you want to make matched betting a part of your digital nomad future.

What is matched betting?

What is matched betting? Lets start at the very beginning and go through matched betting step by step; matched betting is a method we use in order to make a guaranteed income by utilising the special offers and free bonuses that bookies give to people in order to get them to gamble. Using a few tools and a little bit of know how we can place a number of bets with the bookie so that regardless of the result of the bet we will guarantee ourselves a profit.

It’s super important to understand that although when you matched bet you are placing bets with the bookies, you are never gambling. When we are placing our bets with the bookie we are betting on both a team to win a match as well as the same team to not win the match, therefore whether the team wins or doesn’t win, we can walk away with money; if we do this enough we can walk away with quite a lot of money each month.

It’s not as easy as simply putting a bet on every outcome though, if we did that then we wouldn’t make anything, we have to use the special offers the bookies give us to turn the fake money they give us as a bonus into real cash we can actually withdraw.

Here’s a simple step by step example of how matched betting works:

Because we will win one of the bets on the first coin toss and one of the bets on the second coin toss using the free money we were given we can walk away with a nice little profit. You can keep doing this by signing up to new bookies or by using the tonnes of offers they send to your email each day. In my first year of matched betting I made over £10,000 doing it each day, and while it’s free money it doesn’t mean it’s easy money which is why I use a couple of tools in order to make my life easier and my time more profitable.

What do you need to start matched betting?

It’s actually pretty easy to start matched betting, you need a little bit of money to be able to make your first few bets, you need to know what offers are available to you and you need to have a way of working out how much you need to bet in order to walk away with a profit.

When I first started matched betting I did so with just £60, this was enough for me to set up my accounts with the bookies and to make all of the bets needed to start making a profit. The bigger the pot of money you have to start with the faster you can start making regular good income each month. If you start with a smaller pot like I did then it might take you a few weeks to build it up enough to start truly earning, if you have a bigger pot you can simply place more bets and complete more offers at once. I started with £60 and the fact I had to start slow gave me the chance to practice what I was doing at a reasonable pace so that when I finally had a bigger pot I was already a pro at matched betting.

The next step is finding what offers are available to you, you can do this for free simply by going onto the bookies websites and reading through their offers for new customers, reading the terms and conditions and making sure you understand exactly what you have to do. This can take a tonne of time and requires a bit of understanding of matched betting to begin with. If like I did, you know nothing and also don’t want to spend all day reading fine print you can sign up to a service called who will do all of the hard work for you. Although matched betting on it’s own is not easy, then you combine it with a service like it does become easy matched betting. not only find all of the bookie offers for you, they also put them together in one place along with detailed step by step instructions of how to actually do each offer in order to make money. You can sign up for free here and they will give you the first few introductory offers as well as full training on matched betting. The money you make from their free sign up easily pays for your first few months of the subscription so you can earn enough to unlock even more information and tools.

Finally we have our offers but now we need to know how much we have to actually bet in order to walk away with profit from each of these bookies. Again this is where can help, they offer a free calculator to save you from having to figure out the maths yourself. You simply punch in the offer details and it will tell you what you need to bet and how much money you will make, it’s that simple.

How do you get started?

The information above is intended as a very basic introduction into what matched betting is and what you need in order to do it so you can start doing it yourself. However if you’ve read all that and this you might want to give it a try and get started yourself then the best way is to sign up to for FREE here and take their introductory course.

This will give you a grounding in what it is you are doing, explain some terms that you’re going to need to know and give you a step by step walk through of some of the offers. They do this via really short articles but most importantly videos where they literally show you what buttons to press on each website. I walked away from my free trial with around £40 of profit and instantly bought a platinum membership thinking I’d just do it for 1 month and then stop. 2 months later I upgraded to a years membership because I knew I would be carrying on and it would be cheaper for me, and 5 years later I’m still a member earning money from matched betting.

Sign up to start making money on the road from matched betting

How much can you make from matched betting?

This is a question that we get asked a lot and the truth is it can vary, during my first year of matched betting I was earning around £800-£1000 a month on average. Some months I earned a lot less and some I earned far more; it’s the downside of matched betting, the fact that income across the year can vary.

Matched betting earnings can be high and the more comfortable you are with navigating the easier it becomes and the quicker you can work. If you’re looking to make a living matched betting or just a few extra £1000’s to help with your van conversion then it’s a great way to earn money on the road.

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