vanlife feminine hygiene

Vanlife Feminine Hygiene

There’s a whole bunch of challenges for everyone when it comes to living in a van. You’ve probably thought all about how to downsize your possessions, where you’re going to get water or how you’re going to be able to dispose of your recycling. However it might not be until you actually move into your van that you realise there’s a whole bunch of things to consider which you just take for granted when living in a house. As a woman there are even more things you need to consider and so to help you with some solutions here’s my… Read More »Vanlife Feminine Hygiene

campervan batteries

What battery to use for your campervan conversion

If you’re anything like us when it comes to your campervan conversion you are absolutely dreading getting to the electrics in your van. It seems extremely daunting and the fact that it could potentially be dangerous is a constant worry. There are so many questions to ask and tonnes of differing opinions on all aspects. With that in mind we thought it be best to start at the very beginning and give you a break down of what type of batteries you can use in your campervan conversion and why you might want to use each type. Why do you… Read More »What battery to use for your campervan conversion

Campervan projector

How to have a projector in a campervan conversion

Just because you’re in a campervan doesn’t mean movie and game nights have to consist of you crowded around your laptop screen or propping up your tablet on your side table. These days it’s super affordable to have a projector in your campervan and enjoy films on the big screen as they were intended both indoors or outdoors as well as gaming on the go. Here’s our guide on how you can have a camper van projector and what you need to get the absolute best out of it, all within a reasonable budget. Campervan Projector There’s so much information… Read More »How to have a projector in a campervan conversion