condensation in a van

Dealing with condensation in a van

Battling condensation is a daily occurrence for many people living in vans, excessive moisture in the air combined with cold weather sees water forming on cold surfaces and can lead to damp, mildew and mould inside your van. If there’s one thing the UK climate is known for it’s for being cold and wet and so you can see why dealing with condensation in a van is a fight most UK vanlifers have to have. Here’s some ways you can try to both prevent condensation as well as how you can deal with it should it arrive. Preventing condensation in… Read More »Dealing with condensation in a van

Best Driving Routes

Best campervan driving routes in the UK

The UK may not have the name brand of a drive like the famous Route 66 however you’d be wrong in thinking that there aren’t amazing drives right on your doorstep. Having been up and down the UK in our campervan we have experienced all that the UK has to offer and have pieced together the best campervan driving routes in the UK. So pack up your van, fill your tank and get some inspiration. The Atlantic Highway, Cornwall Stretching 170 miles Cornwall’s Atlantic Highway, or as it’s better known on your maps as the A39, takes in the beautiful… Read More »Best campervan driving routes in the UK

making money on the road

A guide to making money on the road

One of the most asked questions on the UK Vanife Facebook Group is all about making money on the road. Everyone wants to know the tricks to being able to earn a living while travelling so that they can live vanlife to the fullest; the truth is that there is no trick, making money on the road is a job just like any other however there are some methods you can learn to help make your dream a reality. Below is a breakdown of the ways in which members of the Facebook Group make money on the road and how… Read More »A guide to making money on the road

Split charge relay

Adding a split charge relay to your van

If you’re looking to keep your leisure battery topped up in your van you are really looking at two popular methods, solar power or a split charge relay (if not both). We’re going to talk a little bit about what a split charge relay is, what it does and what options you have when installing one into your van; we’ll also link to the ones we’ve tried and also the kit we used in our most recent campervan conversion. What is a split charge relay? A split charge relay allows us to simultaneously charge our leisure battery and our starter… Read More »Adding a split charge relay to your van

Legal van in uk

Is it legal to live in a van in the UK

Living in your van feels like an appealing prospect. You get to travel in the comfort of your own home, you can park next to some amazing views and wake up ready to explore some of the UK’s most wonderful drives. However the big question you’re probably asking yourself before you embark on this venture is “is it legal to live in a van in the UK?” The simple answer is to say, yes; it is legal to live in your van in the UK. The longer answer is that while it is legal there are some restrictions which you… Read More »Is it legal to live in a van in the UK

Student van life

Living vanlife as a student

Hey, my name is Ben. I’m a fourth-year student at Bournemouth University. I have been living in my 1998 Ford Transit ‘Ronnie’ full time since September and living the dream! When people find out that I’m living in a van the size of a regular parking spot they often have a few questions. How did you start? Why do you do it? How much does it cost? The fascination for me started in my second year of university where I was giving away loads of money to a landlord, I believed didn’t deserve it, each month. I was feeling fed… Read More »Living vanlife as a student

Internet on the road

How to get internet on the road

Having access to the internet while travelling in a van is incredibly important. It allows you to find places to stay, plan routes and stay connected to loved ones. Many van-lifers, like me, work online remotely, so having a fast reliable connection is a must. So how can you get online on the road? I will walk you through a few different ways you can get internet on the road. Tethering The easiest way is to use the tethering option on your phone to create a Wi-Fi hotspot for other devices to connect to. In my experience working online and… Read More »How to get internet on the road

Campervan Heater

Campervan Heating

If you’re planning on living, holidaying or travelling in your campervan in the UK you’re going to want to consider making sure you have heating. Whether you intend on living in it year round or even just holidaying during the summer months; temperatures can drop in the night and so campervan heating is a must. When it comes to methods of installing a heater into your van it comes down to 3 methods: diesel, gas and woodburning. Each of which has it’s own advantages and disadvantages and which you decide to install will depend on the size of your van,… Read More »Campervan Heating

What we wish we knew vanlife

17 Things we wish we knew before starting living in a van

You see a lot of posts about things people wish they knew from living vanlife. Usually they are written by people who have spent 1-3 months in the summer holidaying around sunny climates. They talk about wishing they knew how freeing it would feel to travel in a van, how welcoming everyone is or how much adventure there is out there. Sure, this can be true on one day, but it is also completely false on another day. You will soon find that van life has the same honeymoon period as anything else. It’s only after the dust has settled… Read More »17 Things we wish we knew before starting living in a van

Best van life books

Best van life books

The 5 essential van life books that you need before you hit the road and while you’re on the road