vanlife board games

Van Life Board Games

Whether you’re stuck inside your van due to bad UK weather, trying to save on using your limited battery or simply are looking for a nice way to spend the evening, board games are a fantastic way to have fun. However when it comes to van life board gaming you have to consider some pretty unique factors when choosing a game. Limited storage space as well as table space mean that a lot of the games you might consider playing simply won’t fit in your van. In addition to that the number of players required for van games is usually… Read More »Van Life Board Games

Vanlife security

Van life security

I’ve lived in my van since the start of 2017 and even though I have been lucky enough to have not been broken into I know plenty people who have and who have lost everything. While I may have been lucky so far I make sure I take every precaution to minimise my risk and so I thought I’d share some of my van life security tips, safety gear and rules I follow to be as safe and secure as I can be inside my rolling home. Security gear I use a selection of locks, trackers and cameras to keep… Read More »Van life security

Second hand van

What to look for when viewing a second hand van

You’ve done all your research online and have a van in your sights. The photos make it look in good condition and the description makes the van sound perfect for you so you have organised a viewing. That’s when the questions arise of what to look for when viewing a second hand van. There are so many things to look at and it might seem that if you aren’t a qualified mechanic you won’t have a clue where to start. That’s why we thought we’d put together a list of some basic things you can look for that don’t require… Read More »What to look for when viewing a second hand van

Cooking without an oven in a van

Cooking without an oven in a van

The chances are that you’re simply not going to have enough space to include an oven in your camper conversion. The amount of space that even the smaller camping ovens take up plus the additional gas you need to carry to run them mean that the majority of your cooking is going to be undertaken on a hob. Despite this limitation it doesn’t mean that you can’t cook all of your favourite meals from the comfort of your own van. With the addition of a few key kitchen tools as well as a little bit of creativity you can soon… Read More »Cooking without an oven in a van

Find Campervan Parkups

How to find the best campervan park ups

I’m sure you’ve seen a tonne of photos on Instagram of vans parked in wild and wonderful places. However every time you try to take your van out you end up in a Tesco carpark for the night. Well have no fear, with our help we are going to show you how to find the best campervan park ups. How to find the best campervan park ups Use an app As with most problems in life there seems to be an app looking to solve it and finding the best campervan park ups is no different. For our money the… Read More »How to find the best campervan park ups

vanlife apps

Essential Vanlife Apps

When space is at a premium in my van I am always grateful for my phone; it’s my sat nav, my entertainment, and my most essential piece of kit when I’m on the road. Apps have made my vanlife experience that bit easier and so I’m going to share my essential vanlife apps in the hope you can enjoy them, and your vanlife, too. Park4Night – Free Not only is Park4Night our most used app for finding places to camp for free in the UK, it’s the most recommended app from our Facebook group and it’s easy to see why.… Read More »Essential Vanlife Apps

Registering with the dvla

Registering your van as a “Motor Caravan” with the DVLA

There’s a growing trend in the UK of converting panel vans into campervans. Not only is it significantly cheaper to do this than buy a factory built motorhome but you also get full control over the design and functionality of your campervan plus you end up with a beautifully unique hand crafted van. With the increase in self build campervans the DVLA recently released it’s guidance on what is required for you to register your panel van as a motor caravan. Here’s a guide on what you need to do as well as why it matters. Why do you need… Read More »Registering your van as a “Motor Caravan” with the DVLA

Showering in a Van

Showering in a van

Whether you’re thinking about converting a van, hoping to travel in a van or already living in a van you’re going to have questions about showering in a campervan. No matter how resolved you are that you won’t be showering every day, there’ll come a point where you simply need to get clean. While this is a challenge due to the lack of space we all have it doesn’t have to be a difficult one because there’s simply so many great ways you can wash without a bathroom in your van. Here’s the most common ways our writers shower while… Read More »Showering in a van