6 Survival Tips for Enjoying Festivals Abroad

Are you hoping to enjoy a music festival abroad? If so, it is always wise to plan ahead in order to make the most out of this unique experience. Let’s therefore examine six sure-fire travel hacks and the benefits that each can offer. Book Travel Reservations Well in Advance Always make it a point to book travel tickets at least 12 weeks in advance of when you plan on leaving. This is the best way to encounter more amenable rates and it is normally possible to choose from a number of flexible reservation options. Appreciate Currency Exchange Rates In the… Read More »6 Survival Tips for Enjoying Festivals Abroad

Making Money on the Road: Transcribing

One of the more stable jobs we’ve been doing over the last few years has been our transcription work. Transcribing on the road is a really simple but profitable way to be able to work from anywhere in the world while giving you similar security of a regular job that you might not get from seasonal work or something we do a lot of like matched betting. We’re not going to sit here and tell you that we’ve discovered secret methods to make money in our sleep that means we’re able to travel full time in our van and simply… Read More »Making Money on the Road: Transcribing

Apps to design your camper van

Apps to design your camper van

The first camper van we designed about built was all done with pen and paper, we had a notepad full of layouts and costings, pages full of corrections and scribbles and redrawn layouts and although we somehow managed to get the van finished there’s no chance I can go back and understand those designs or even suss out the exact cost of that first van from those notes. And this is where van design software and camper van design apps come into their own. For the next few vans we utilised a couple of campervan design apps as well as… Read More »Apps to design your camper van

Van Life Gift Guide – 18 Awesome Gifts for Campervans

It’s hard to buy for someone with limited space, where everything they have needs to have a purpose or just someone who’s very specific about what they take with them. We know this because we’re one of those people! Our van is tiny and so we can’t afford to take with us too much which isn’t useful which is why we must be a nightmare to buy for when it comes to Christmas. This is the reason we have put together our van life gift guide, a list of awesome gifts for people in campervans; hopefully to take some of… Read More »Van Life Gift Guide – 18 Awesome Gifts for Campervans

Camper van projector for under £100

Our most second most read article on our site is “How to have a projector in a camper van” and each month we see how many people go out and buy the projector, screen and speaker we recommend for your van cinema. We recommend them because they are: Specifically chosen to match van lifestyles; they have internal batteries that can be charged from 12v or be run off a 12v system, they produce the best quality in a small space due to a good throw ratio as well as keystoning, they are good bang for your buck. We own and… Read More »Camper van projector for under £100

Design a camper van layout

How to design a camper van layout

When it comes to converting a van into a camper van planning really is everything. The amount of both time and money you can save with a little investment in both time and money is huge and so having built 5 vans ourselves we are going to talk you through the process of how to design a camper van layout; the things to consider, what tools you can use both free and paid and how to go about creating the perfect van home for yourselves. How are you going to use your van? Before doing anything else you need to… Read More »How to design a camper van layout

Console Gaming in a Campervan

Console gaming in a campervan is totally possible it just needs a bit of maths, some additional solar power and a whole lot of batteries, but thankfully not as many as you might think. We’re going to go over a what you’ll need in order to play your Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch in your van and how much it’s going to cost you. We’re basing the following information on using your console with a Cello 22” Smart Full HD Traveller TV which is not only a nice size to use in a small space like a van but is… Read More »Console Gaming in a Campervan

Complete Van Life Electrical Set Up

Complete Van Life Electrical Setup

A van life electrical setup encompasses your batteries, solar, split charge relay and everything else that powers your van and is the thing which we get the most questions about. While undertaking a campervan conversion is a fun process to do yourself, the one aspect people feel least comfortable with is the van electrics. Most people have little to no experience with electrics and worry about the safety implications of ‘doing it wrong’; well we’re here to tell you that it’s not a difficult and dangerous as you’re thinking, you just need to know what you need and how to… Read More »Complete Van Life Electrical Setup

living in a van in winter uk

Living in a van in winter UK

One of the biggest challenges facing van dwellers in the UK is surviving the wet and cold winters. Whilst many choose to migrate to warmer climates for the winter months, a growing number of us are sticking it out in our vans right here in the UK.

Travel the Nordics – The Indie Projects

If you’ve been around UK van life on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or even watched ‘Escape the Wilderness’ on BBC2 you will probably already know Bee and Theo of The Indie Projects. They began travelling in their van in 2014 exploring Europe and deep into the north of Scandinavia and have been travelling ever since. With a wealth of experience and knowledge under their belts they’ve decided to help others to get started with their exploration of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland by writing their new ebook ‘Travel the Nordics‘ and I’ve had the chance to go through it and find… Read More »Travel the Nordics – The Indie Projects